Marcy Adopts a Book


Name: Marcy Smith

Adopted Book: Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl

Day Job: Editor, Interweave Crochet

Why I adopted this book: I totally judged this book by its cover. I mean, how marvelous is that mysterious, lacy beauty? And, happily, the inside entirely lives up to the promise of the cover. Looking through it, I got a little swoony taking in all the lacy goodness. After a little lie-down, I got to work and made not one, but two, Sprouts Shawlettes. The multi-colored sock yarn works up beautifully, I think; the joins between the longs chains look like a cake after you trail a toothpick through the icing. The playful dangles add to the fun. For the blue shawl, worked in the same delicious Stitch Diva Studios Studio Silk shown in the book's sample, I attached Swarovski crystals at the edge. This shimmery, sparkly shawlette is one of my go-to accessories.

A little about this adopted book:  If you shy away from fine yarns, thinking you simply don't have the time for that sort of fussiness, take a closer look at this book. The accessible techniques and clear instructions will have you reaching for that special silk skein that you'd given up on ever transforming into a crocheted project. Among the 21 projects, you'll find a super-simple skinny scarf, several shawls, terrific tops, a handful of hats, and even a tote bag. The delightful designs, generous shaping, and light fibers combine to create garments that are flattering, fashionable, and fabulous.  

Adopt your copy of Crochet So Fine!

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