The Making of Love of Crochet Fall 2017

Why do you buy crochet magazines? Is it solely for the patterns? I confess that for many years that was what enticed me to buy them. But as my love of crochet grew from a casual interest to an outright obsession, I found that I craved more. I longed for a magazine that I could sit and relax with as though visiting with a friend, that also contained crochet patterns I couldn’t resist stitching.

It was right around that time that I joined the staff at Interweave. I was hired as the assistant editor of two of the most popular crochet magazines on the market, Love of Crochet and Interweave Crochet. Then in the Fall of 2016, I became associate editor of Love of Crochet. This new role put me in the driver’s seat and gave me the opportunity to explore the concept of more.

So I talked with friends, contemplated more and with the help of several awesome coworkers, pulled together an amazing magazine (in my humble opinion). This issue has beautiful patterns you and your family will love, as well as extras to make you laugh and new things to try. For the past 10 months, I have poured my creative heart into creating a crochet magazine with the more I’ve always longed for and it’s finally available for you to enjoy. I can’t wait for you to dive into the pages of Love of Crochet Fall 2017.

Below is a peek into my creative process along with pictures of my scheming and sketching.

1. Crochet Fun and Games

The newest feature in Love of Crochet is the Crochet Fun and Games page. This back page feature contains jokes, trivia, and a word search that will make every crochet enthusiast chuckle. A special thank you to my twin sister, Deborah Bagley, for catching my vision and pulling together some laughs for us. And a heartfelt thank you to my coworker Janice Tapia for drawing some beautiful illustrations to bring the jokes to life.

love of crochet: LOCFa17Making Fun and Games

2. 10 Ways to . . .

I love helpful or creative lists. For the Fall 2017 issue, you’ll find “10 Ways to Style a Wrap with Shawl Pins.” We photographed it using the Date Night Wrap from this issue—it’s a beginner-friendly pattern made with the V-Stitch. (If you’re not familiar with this stitch, designer Sarah Read wrote a fascinating blog post about the Versatile V-Stitch). Also, I want to send a big thank you to Jul Designs for sharing two lovely shawl pins with us for the piece.

Making Shawl Pins

This “10 Ways” feature actually started in the Spring 2017 issue of Love of Crochet with “10 Ways to Use a Mandala” and continued in the Summer 2017 issue with “10 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Shawl” and “10 Things to Make with Hairpin Lace.” I can’t promise that every issue of Love of Crochet will have a 10 Ways list—sometimes it may only be 5—but stay on the lookout for more fun lists.

3. Yarn Play

Crafting has always been a part of my life, much longer than crochet has. So I find great pleasure in learning exciting new (or old) ways to use yarn. For the Fall 2017 issue of Love of Crochet, we explore a technique that uses only 8 yards of yarn known as pin loom weaving (which is great for stash busting, by the way). There’s a tutorial on how to weave a 4″ x 4″ square as well as a resource guide for all things pin loom related. You’ll find this yarn craft easy and addicting—just ask my sister Deborah Bagley, who’s turned into a pin loom weaving junkie. When I asked her to create a pattern for the Fall issue, she came up with Li’l Punkins, which combines pin loom weaving and crochet. You’re going to love this craft and this project.

love of crochet: Making Weaving

Yarn play isn’t a new concept. Interweave Crochet had a Yarn Play feature in Crochetscene 2015, which is loads of fun and definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. In the Summer 2017 issue of Love of Crochet, there was a tutorial on how to make hairpin lace. I consider Yarn Play one of those bonus features that highlights exciting and creative ways to use yarn in our stash. I can’t wait to see where this feature takes us in each issue.

4. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Though I write about the projects as the fourth item in the list, curating a beautiful collection of patterns is foremost on my mind. Love of Crochet has always been a go-to resource for crochet enthusiasts of all skill levels and interests and will continue to be so. I’m thrilled that the Fall 2017 issue features stunning designs from popular designers such as Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby, Brenda K.B. Anderson, and Natasha Robarge. A heaping big thank you to them and all the designers who contributed to an inspiring collection of wearable and collectible designs time and time again.

The Fall 2017 issue has three different stories to delight your hands and keep your crochet hooks stitching. Home for Fall Break has garments, accessories, and a throw rug perfect for college kids that you’ll love, too. Harvest of Stitches features accessories and an afghan perfect for the cooler temperatures of Fall. Lastly Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice contains fun patterns for kids including an apple hat, jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat bags, and a giant spider.

I’ve already crocheted two projects from this issue and have another on my hook. I’m itching to start my fourth! I look forward to seeing which patterns have you reaching for yarn and hook.

love of crochet: Making Patterns

5. A Little Bit More

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s still more inside Love of Crochet Fall 2017! We are celebrating Love of Crochet’s fifth birthday and have a giveaway, an article highlighting birthday-related products crocheters will love, and a feature that showcases the top 5 fan-favorite patterns from LOC’s first 5 years.

Special for the Fall 2017 issue is a Crochet Survey For Men . We love to crochet for the men in our lives whether they are friends or relatives (or both), but it can be challenging to know what they will want or use. I’ve decided to take the guesswork out of the equation and created a survey that you can share with the guys in your life. Have them fill it out and then refer to this list next time you want to crochet something for them.


6. Get More Now

After all I’ve listed, there’s still more inside Love of Crochet Fall 2017. Really, you have to see it to experience it. I invite you to pull up a chair, read through the magazine, and find out what else we have to offer you in this issue. And please, let me know what you think. Is the more we’ve supplied the more you’ve craved as much as I have? Let me know in the comments. I always love hearing from fellow crochet enthusiasts.

Before I close, I really must say thank you to designer Kerry Jackson who has a keen sense for layout. This magazine looks beautiful page after page, thanks to her. I appreciate the eyes for lighting and composition from our photographer George Boe, the wordsmithing and schedule-wrangling of our managing editor Rachel Koon, the technical expertise of our project editor Susanna Tobias and her team of tech editors, and the crochet expertise from the associate editor of Interweave Crochet, Sara Dudek. Hair and make-up by Kathryn MacKay and wardrobe and styling by Allie Liebgott make everything look good at the photo shoot. Thank you. And I appreciate all the others who helped with layout, proofreading, and graphic design. Thank you Mark Dobroth, Rachel Kennedy, Connie Poole, Danielle Fay, and Gail Weidle for jumping in to assist with this issue. It wouldn’t have come together without you! Thank you, thank you.

Enjoy, dear reader, and crochet more,

Fuel your love for crochet!


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