Maker Faire

I spent this past weekend at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire which, contrasted with the massive World Maker Faires in the Bay Area, New York and Detroit, was fully run by members of the DIY community here in Vancouver. Note, though, that it was hardly "mini". Well over eighty makers participated, showing off the stuff they make, be it robots, bacon, quilts or pottery. I was there with my Mighty Ugly project, which was incredible fun to do with kids and adults of all ages.

Interestingly, I didn't see much crochet at the show, which is something I'll talk to lots of people about correcting for next year's event. We don't have a local crochet guild, so I wonder if that's the reason. The Fraser Valley Knitting Guild was there teaching people to knit, and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild was there, too.

If your community puts on a mini Maker Faire, I encourage you to consider participating as a maker! Never before have I experienced an event so focused on teaching and learning. It's hands-on and exciting, and it attracts a very diverse group of attendees.

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Modern Quilt Guild @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Mighty Ugly @ Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

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