Make Your Project Zip-Worthy

It’s Zipper Day! Hooray! This is the day to make your projects zip-worthy. Dotted throughout Interweave Crochet, Love of Crochet, and Interweave books are fabulous projects that feature zippers. Moveable parts may seem tricky to work into a project, but Robyn Chachula has some easy to follow advice:

“Pin zipper to body opening, matching the end of the zipper to the bottom of the body. Fold ends of zipper under so the raw edge won’t show. With handsewing needle and thread, use a backstitch to sew zipper to vest securely.”

You can use this almost every time you see an instruction to “sew in zipper” save for when the pattern specifies otherwise! Zippy and handy! And since we at Interweave are all about fun options, you can also check out Deb Gerish’s article from knit.wear Spring/Summer 2017 all about machine sewing zippers. Deb walks you through the precise steps and materials needed to neatly and cleanly attach zippers to a yarn-crafted garment.

But what good is talking about working with zippers without looking at a few projects with some lovely zipper work?

zipper day

Love of Crochet Summer 2017 features the Summer Breeze Hoodie by Melissa, a mesh, sleeveless hoodie with a swanky, contrasting black zipper. Its four panels of double crochet mesh make it light and breathable, perfect for summer. I definitely want into hook into this beauty.

Don’t forget a fashionable vest for a little guy in your life. Robyn Chachula’s Charlie Vest from Baby Blueprint Crochet combines a tweed stitch pattern with retro style reminiscent of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Not only will your little man look dashing in it, the zipper makes it easy for him to wear!

zipper day 2

Take the boyfriend sweater to a whole new level with Jill Hanratty’s Snowcapped Cardigan from Interweave Crochet Winter 2017. This comfy sweater is a great challenge for those who are experienced technically. Worked with two colors, fun textures, two pockets, and a zipper, this piece is a closet staple.

What are your favorite zippered patterns? Do you have any zipper tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

And remember: don’t let your zipper down! Zip it up!


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