Make Your Own Jayne Cobb Hat

I'm so not letting this Whedoncraft thing go. So to add some fuel to the fire, I made myself a Jayne hat last night (crocheted, of course, which isn't so true to the knitted original but sure is true to trying to catch Joss Whedon's attention so he'll grant us an interview). I wrote up the pattern and posted it here on this very site so you can make your own Jayne hat, too. And in addition to enjoying it and geeking out over it, you can post a picture of it in the comments on my original post so you can add your voice and your craft to the hum over there.

Oh, and tell everyone you know. Especially if they know someone who knows someone who might be able to get word to Joss Whedon that we'd love a few minutes to chat about his projects and about the craft community's love for them.

Crochet a Jayne Cobb Hat!

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