Make Your Own Crochet Revolution Armband!

Make Your Crochet Revolution Armband Today!

Make Your Crochet Revolution Armband Today!, originally uploaded by kpwerker.

We're revolting! Wait a minute…

I'll try that again.

The ground has been grumbling with the growing voices of the crochet masses, kids. Can't you feel it?

It's time to take the next step. Time to pick up our hooks to show our solidarity to the Crochet Revolution! Time to show up together in large and small spaces, in public and private venues, all decked out in our revolutionary armbands to show the world we stand together in our passion for our craft!

When you make one up, be sure to post a photo to Flickr and tag it crochetrevolution. I wonder how many armband photos we can amass. Fifty? A hundred? Dude, if even half the members of make one, there'd be over 800!

If you add the pattern to your Favorites, more people will find it. The Revolution is counting on you to spread the word!

Crochet Revolution Armband

A wee note: Before making this armband, I had never done more than a wee dabbling in colourwork, and I admit that now that I've done it (okay; I did it last May), I have no desire to do it again. But I tried (lots of times, actually; this baby was ripped out a lot), and I got me a skull-clad armband for it!

If you love colourwork, that's rad. If you hate it, leave it out. Green is the colour of the crochet revolution, kids! The skull is just for some fun and attitude.

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