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 Interweave Crochet 2011 Calendar
Spacer 10x10 pixels  The year 2010 is halfway over. Where did the time fly? It seems like only last week I wrote down New Year's resolutions. One of those goals was something about finding more time to crochet items both for others and myself.

With that goal in mind, I pulled out my unfinished projects and sifted through new projects I want to start. It was more than slightly overwhelmingthis calls for some organization and a bit more goal setting.

I usually have projects of varying sizes in progress: a sweater for when I'm sitting on the couch enjoying a movie, a small or motif-based project for traveling, and a project with an easy repeat for meetings, whether at work or a down town cafe with friends. This probably explains my ever-increasing number of UFOs.

The projects I crochet fall into three categories: projects for occasions such as birthdays and holidays, projects for charity, and projects for myself or the magazine. The projects for occasions and charity have set deadlines—if only I could remember them.

I already have a great idea for next year. The Interweave Crochet 2011 Calendar arrived in my office last week. Each month begins with an inspirational suggestion. July suggests, "Make a holiday present. Download a free eBook at" and September recommends, "Crochet a hat. Give it away." If I combine these suggestions with my own handwritten goals each month, I should be able to keep on track next year. I like the idea of keeping my goals on sticky notes because then I can reuse them, like in the case of newborn hats for charity, or move them when I can't meet a deadline.

  Interweave Crochet Calendar
I recommend setting mini-deadlines too. Some projects are so big they seem overwhelming or you forget about an upcoming deadline because it is a month or more away. I like setting mini-deadlines for holiday gifts and large projects like sweaters or afghans. Set a date to finish the sleeves of a garment or a certain number of motifs for an afghan. And for holiday gifts, instead of setting a date in November to have all of your gifts finished, set mini-deadlines to finish Mom's scarf in August and Dad's hat in September.
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As an added bonus, the calendar presents a new motif each month, complete with written instructions and a stitch diagram. The motifs provide inspiration of their own. Turn them into a coaster, hat, or even an afghan, or use them as embellishments. If you find your home calendar quickly fills with activities, you could dedicate this calendar to your handcrafted projects, or use bright sticky notes so your project goals stand out.   

I'm looking forward to next year. I know the Interweave Crochet 2011 Calendar and goal creation will lead to an abundance of crochet projects both planned and completed next year!

Best wishes,

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