Make it! Quick, Like a Bunny!

The Make it! Crochet issue is now available for purchase or download! It’s a great selection of carefully-chosen projects that are quick to work up and suitable for a new crocheter to tackle—in a hurry! It may not surprise you to hear that I just happen to be in a hurry. Only two days left till the biggest yarny deadline of the year!

As the clock ticks down, I’m reaching for my copy of Make it! for one more thing for my special little guy. He LOVES rabbits (we have a pet lionhead named Nimbus), so the Sir Stephen the Bunny pattern looked perfect. I grabbed some Christmassy scrap yarns from my stash, and dove in!

I made a few alterations to the pattern—I did the body in stripes and skipped the vest. I also opted to sew the body together instead of using the buttons as fasteners, since I know my son’s toys need to be at the high end of the durability scale. Here’s a picture of Sir Bunny in pieces. Each shape is very easy to construct, and it is a great introduction to learning how to create different shapes in crochet.

And here Sir Bunny has been stuffed, so you can better see how the two-dimensional shapes transform when filled with fluff.

And here he is sewn together! I think he’ll make for some good hugs. Crocheting time was about five hours, and assembly took two. I do wish I’d changed the ears to make them a bit more ridiculously huge. He looks a little bit puppy-ish, here. But we love puppies, too! In any case, I know little dude will love him.

What last-minute projects are you working on? Confession: I still have one more to go. But I’ll have fun picking my next (quick!) project from Make it!

Happy crocheting! 




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