3 Ways to Make Your Crochet Market Bag Even Better

The most fun accessory for summer is a crocheted market bag. They hold all the essentials for summer , they’re stylish, and they are so much fun to make. Grab our To Market Bag kit in Hazelwood or Riviera Blue to make your very own!

I couldn’t wait to get started on this project, so I got myself a kit as soon as they went on sale. I planned to work on it slowly over the next couple months, but I was so excited about using filet crochet to customize the bag that I ended up finishing it in a single weekend!

Now that my bag is finished, I have 3 suggestions for making it even better!

market bag

1. Give it a wash.

The To Market Bag kit comes with 3 balls of Fibra Natura Java, distributed by Universal Yarn, a 100% hemp yarn! If you’ve never worked with hemp before, I think you’ll really love it—it is a pretty cool material for projects. Hemp softens with every wash, so once you finish the project, take the time to wash it according to the yarn label (machine wash gentle and tumble dry low). You’ll be left with a bag that’s more durable than bags made with standard yarn and so much easier to clean!

2. Add colorful pom-tassels!

Pom-pom tassels are a fun accessory for summer, and they look great on this bag as an added decoration. Read up on how to make a pom-tassel, then make a few of them in complementary colors and tie them onto your crochet market bag for a pop of something bright.

3. Add a liner or make a zipper pouch.

Depending on how you intend to use this bag, you might want to add something to its interior to keep things from falling through the open mesh of the filet crochet. If you plan on using it as a purse or a tote for your yarn, consider adding a fabric liner to keep your things from falling out. If you’re going to take this bag to the farmers’ market to carry produce and flowers, you’ll want to leave the liner out to make the bag easy to clean, but you’ll still need a way to carry your money (no one wants to carry a purse AND a tote!).

I recommend making a small zippered pouch, which easily holds money, your phone, and other small essentials and is very easy to create with leftover yarn. To create a pouch, work single crochet in continuous rounds and bind off. Sew the bottom closed and add a zipper to the top. A small zipper pouch holds money or a phone and it’s very easy to create with leftover yarn.

Will you try any of these suggestions after you finish your bag? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy stitching!
Editor, Interweave Crochet

Make your way through summer!


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