How to Make a Crochet Hat Liner

If you’re like me, you have several winter hats in varying degrees of warmth. You wear some when you’re chilly but not too cold and others when you’re facing 12 feet of snow. But what if you want to wear one of the lighter hats on a freezing day? How can you take a beloved hat from thin to thick?

The answer is simple: make a crochet hat liner. When I was considering how to enhance my winter accessories, I came across the Vintage Hat in Love of Crochet Fall 2014, and loved its lacy stitches.

crochet hat

But all those holes would let in the cold once the temperature dropped. Once I began wondering how warm this hat would be I started looking for ways to make it warmer. And then…

Light bulb moment. 

What if I added a liner?!? If I used the same yarn, did I have enough to make both pieces? Should I use the same yarn weight? If I picked a lighter yarn, how many stitches would I need in order to make sure it was a similar size to the original hat?

crochet hat liner

The answer to the first question was easy—contrasting color liners look great, but I wanted to use the same color, and, since I worked the Vintage Hat only up to the first round of the band, I had enough yarn to make the liner. The next question required a little math. I took the stitch count from the first round of the band of the Vintage Hat (Rnd 21) and worked backwards to find out how many stitches I needed at the beginning.

I started with that number and increased steadily until I had the number of stitches I needed. Then I worked even in single crochet until I was about 1 ½” from the end. After this point I worked rounds of half double crochet and double crochet, decreasing as needed, until I reached the length I wanted.

The next part was interesting because I had to work through the stitches of the liner and the stitches and chain spaces of the Vintage Hat. Nevertheless, I persisted and got the layers joined. When I continued onto the band, however, I was faced with a dilemma. I was almost out of yarn! Instead of wasting time searching the Internet for the same yarn, I found the perfect contrast—a pop of color that I used for the band. I added a few more rounds and finished off with a reverse single crochet round as an accent. The result of this experiment was a hat that I can’t wait to wear this winter. And now I can wear it no matter how cold it gets!

crochet hat liner

Have you ever modified a pattern from scratch? If so, how did it turn out? Let me know in the comments!

Happy stitching!


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