Mad Monday YarnIt

I crochet everywhere—curled up on the couch, in the passenger seat of the car, at the local coffee shop while visiting with friends, and sometimes even during meetings. I’m not a person that can sit still for very long.

YarnItUnfortunately my yarn balls all seem to share that trait. They roll under the couch, beneath my feet, or under the table. I spend entirely too much time chasing my yarn as it rolls through dust and who knows what. Imagine how much more crochet I could get done. But I think I have found a solution. And it has a mustache!

This clever yarn ball protects your yarn from dust or food should it manage to escape, but it fits in standard cup holders, so you can control it even in the car. It also comes with its own base to keep it from rolling away.

You can decorate it with you own decals, and YarnIt even says its dog and cat proof. What would you decorate it with? I’m rather partial to the stashe.

This fabulous YarnIt “Cooper” is this week’s Mad Monday giveaway. Hurry, you can enter today or tomorrow. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday November 18th.

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