Mad Monday Mixology Yarn

I love family gifts that coordinate. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say match. I think each person has their own personality, and I love to crochet a gift that reflects their spunkiness, elegance, or playfulness. So how do I make five hats that are each individual but all blend perfectly in a family photo?

Red Heart MixologyMay I present Red Heart Mixology Yarn. Textured swirl yarn, beautiful solid colors, and fun variegated yarns are perfect for mixing and matching. The ability to mix and match also means you can use all of that beautiful yarn. And all three yarn types work up to the same gauge.

Red Heart Mixology Yarn is this week’s Mad Monday giveaway. Hurry, you can enter today or tomorrow. The winner will be chosen on Wednesday November 11th.

Best wishes,




P.S. Do you have a favorite yarn style; textured, variegated, solid, etc?

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