Love Your LYS: Darn Knit Anyway

Today’s featured LYS is Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, Minnesota. This yarn shop was suggested by Knitting Daily Facebook follower Olivia Stipe Manke (thanks, Olivia!). Owner Aimee Pelletier is here to tell us the shop’s story and the general goings-on. Take it away, Aimee!

LYS Darn Knit
I opened Darn Knit Anyway in 2009 after fifteen years in the Commercial Interior Design business. My company was merging with another company and the new company was pretty far away from my home. My two kids were both under six and it was time for a change. My always-sensitive husband said, “Why don’t you try doing something with all that stuff you make.”  So I did, and Darn Knit Anyway began!

LYS Darn Knit

Darn It’s Big Blanket Window – Photo by Troy

I run the shop with my cousin, Carly Stipe. Our grandmother, our Nanny Jean, taught us to knit when we were kids. We owe our love of the craft to her and we were lucky that she had a few chances to sit and knit at the shop before she passed away. She still inspires us everyday.

We are in historic Stillwater, Minnesota about twenty miles from downtown St. Paul. Stillwater is a river town and is considered the Birthplace of Minnesota. We love it here! We have taught beginning knitting twice a week almost every week since we opened. We love to teach beginners. Our beginning knitting classes are inexpensive and casual. We believe that creating new knitters is one of our most important jobs!

We pride ourselves on being a service-driven shop—we encourage people to stop in for help anytime. We would hate to see a project put in the back of the closet and forgotten about just because someone is stuck on something or doesn’t remember where they were when they picked it back up! We never want to be intimidating!


Darn It Patches – photo by Troy

We call our education program Darn Knit University or DKU. When someone registers for a class they are issued a student id card that earns them 10% off any purchase in the shop during that Trimester. We also have “study halls” or knit nights twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have some customers that have been coming since we opened. They are a dedicated bunch and we are lucky!

One of our most fun programs that we started last year was Makers’ League. We select a different project each month and if
customers purchase the materials for that project they get a patch. A fun, silly little patch.  We have over 400 individual makers from all over the country now in our “League.”  We can’t wait for next year. Our patches for 2017 are even better than this year! These are last years patches, we’ll reveal this year January 1st!

Thanks Aimee! Darn Knit Anyway sounds and looks like a lovely shop and the Stillwater community is so lucky to have you! Happy LYS-ing!