Love the Motifs! What Do I Do With Them?

We've heard from readers who are enjoying the motifs from the 2011 Interweave Crochet Calendar, but wonder what the heck to do with them. (Yes, I know. These folks already have their 2011 calendar and don't have to write their January appointments on the backs of envelopes that they hope they can find later.)

Motifs are really fabulous little learning tools that are quite lovely. But in their wee form, they have somewhat limited potential for practical application. And we crocheters like to put our beauty to good use. So, here are some ideas for how to transform those beautiful motifs into useful items.

The September motif is thick and rich with color. And it's round, which offers several possibilities. It would not make an effective coaster, because those red parts are big bobbles–no good for securing a wine glass, for instance. But It would be a fine pillow. In fact …
I went out and got some chubby yarn (1 ball of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Apricot and 2 balls of Lion Brand Hometown USA in Portland Wine). And because it wasn't chubby enough, I held it doubled and crocheted with a big, honkin' size S (as in Super-Size) hook. The result? The front half of a pillow, which is quite happy on my turquoise couch (complemented by the orange walls), with the Moorish Mosaic Afghan nearby (I like crochet!). I used up all my yarn making the one half, so I'll go score some more to make the other half, then crochet them together around the edge with apricot. I don't know about your family, but mine can't get enough pillows.
This is the sweet motif from February. Worked in DK or sport-weight yarn, it would make a terrific scarf. Just join two points of each motif. It's a great motif for experimenting with color, allowing you to do a little stash-busting in the process.
Love this motif! It looks like a framed portrait. It, too, would make a great scarf. Or join several motifs to make a strip, then sew around the hem of a sweater.
From this autumnal motif, work a few leaves in thread or thin yarn, then join them point to point to make a bracelet. Come spring, try them in shades of green. Worked in a thicker yarn—DK or worsted, even—they can be joined end to end to make a lively scarf. Or work them in tiny thread and place them around a picture in a frame.
And this motif? It wants to be just what it is. A lovely, delicate snowflake. Make several and hang them from the ceiling with different lengths of fishing line to create a wintry landscape indoors. or hang them on your tree. Or adorn packages with them.

We'd love to see the projects you make with these motifs! Share your ideas at

And if you don't yet have your year's worth of motifs, now's the time to get the 2011 Interweave Crochet Calendar, while it's on sale. Then you can fish out those envelopes and put your appointments where they belong.


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