Love Scarf – Crochet Scarf for Men


by Annette Petavy


Love Scarf

It’s so easy to take the ones we love for granted. This autumn, my husband came home from the doctor’s with potentially scary news. All of a sudden, I realized that he might not always be there, healthy and energetic, my rock to rely on. Further medical investigations calmed our worries. But they did not suppress my urge to show him how much I love him. And how does a crocheter show her husband she loves him? By crocheting him something of course!

The result was this scarf in cashmere and wool. I crocheted in secret, and gave it to him for his birthday. And yes, he loves it.

Materials List

  • Yarn: Phildar Laine/Cachemire (65 yards/60 meters per 0.88 oz/25 grams), black 5 balls, grey 3 balls, red 2 balls (1 if you don’t make a fringe), off-white 1 ball.
  • Hook: 5 mm (US H-8). A hook one size larger for the fringe.
  • Notions: Piece of cardboard for fringe.

Finished Size

Excluding fringe: 9.5 x 52 inches / 24 x 132 cms


18 stitches and 23 rows = 4×4 inches/ 10×10 cm


This crochet scarf is worked lengthwise. When crocheting the foundation chain, I suggest you place a marker in at least every 50th chain. This will save you time when counting.

In the pictures (and in real life), my husband wears the scarf folded double. Warm, comfortable and cozy! This is why you only see one of the two colour repeats that make up the width of the scarf.

The yarn I used can be hard to find in many countries. Please substitute at will, adapting number of stitches and number of rows. This stitch patterns lends itself to wonderful colourplay. Do experiment!

The Pattern

ScarfStitch pattern: Granite stitch
Worked over an even number of stitches. Start and finish every row with 1 sc (which means that the rows end with a sc in each of the last two stitches).

Row 1: 1 sc in the 2nd ch from hook , *ch 1, skip next ch, 1 sc in following ch*. Repeat from * to * until end of row. Finish the row with 1 sc.

Row 2: 1 sc in first stitch, *ch 1, skip the stitch below, 1 sc in chain space*. Repeat from * to * until end of row. Finish the row with 1 sc.

Repeat row 2 throughout the project.

Colour repeat:
4 rows in black
2 rows in grey
1 row in black
2 rows in red
2 rows in black
1 row in off-white
2 rows in black
2 rows in red
1 row in black
2 rows in grey
4 rows in black

So, let’s get started!

Ch  251 in grey.

Work 2 rows in grey.

Work one colour repeat.

Work 3 rows of grey.

Work another colour repeat.

Work 2 rows of grey.

Fasten ends. If desired, make a fringe.


Decide how long you want the fringe to be. Divide this measurement by 2. Add an inch/a couple of centimeters or so, since you need some extra yarn for knotting the fringe. Cut out a piece of cardboard at this width. Take one colour at a time, wind it around the cardboard, take it off and cut the resulting yarn loop in one place. You end up with a bunch of yarn ends, twice as long as the cardboard piece is wide. Do the same thing with the other colours.

Take a number of strands of each yarn. I used six strands, and tried to mix the colours so they matched the striping of the scarf. Fold the strands in two. With a larger hook, put hook through the scarf where you want to place the fringe knot. Pull through the folded strands – a little! You now have a loop of folded yarn peeking through the crocheted fabric. Put the hook through this loop, and pull through the ends of the strands, together with the knotted ends that were already there. Tighten the knot thus formed.

At the end, trim the fringe to desired length.

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