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There is so much going on behind the Crochet me scenes that I'm having to reorganize my daily routine to keep up. This is not a complaint. It's more like a dance of joy. There are changes afoot — not the kinds of changes we've had in the past, as we grew from a tiny web page into an online magazine. But changes that will make our online magazine more exciting, resourceful, innovative, and consistent. For your crochet enjoyment. Oh, yes.

Julie and Jenna have been idea machines, and the three of us are in one of those happy places of creative and organizational goodness. We'll be plastering the internets with news of coming improvements, and here's a tiny hint of what's to come. It's a call for submissions for a Crochet me Special Issue (the jury's out on whether we'll come up with a cooler title to call these theme-oriented mini-issues), due for publication in later January. Have a look-see, and let your fingers do the lovin'!

How does LOVE inspire or affect you? Crocheters want to know!

Crochet me is looking for patterns and articles that are inspired by LOVE —sweaters, cami’s, skirts, shrugs, scarves, wraps, bags, accessories, and novelties.

How about gifts for your teacher, friends or loved ones? Pins, toys, home accessories (yes, even hot pads and tea cozies can be inspired by love).

Think in your favorite color of Love and SUBMIT!

Ideas and sketches are due November 15th. Designers requesting yarn support should submit your idea, sketch, and proposal (including swatch, if possible) as soon as possible.

Final pattern, photos, and supporting materials due January 5, 2006.

As usual, Crochet me has an open call for patterns and/or tutorials involving special techniques, special stitch patterns, or even using alternative materials, like wire, leather, fabric, or straw…

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