Lorax Dr Suess Character Hat Crochet Pattern




This Lorax hat was another one of the requests from my Mom to wear during storytime with her students.  It’s a fun and easy crochet interpretation of this Dr Suess character that is beginner friendly. If you are new to crochet or even just new to making character hats, give it a try. 🙂 Happy crafting!

Materials List

 Orange yarn for Beanie Hat main color and nose

(I use a lot of Red Heart Saver yarn but any medium to normal weight yarn will do)
Golden yellow yarn for whiskers / mustache area, eyebrows and hat’s trim
Green yarn for eye color
Black Yarn for eye pupils
White yarn for eye whites
“J” hook (6.0 mm)
Scissors or Yarn Cutter
Blunt large eye yarn / tapestry needle to weave in ends

Finished Size

Adjustments for all sizes in crochet pattern


Worked in the round

Some hand stitching required to attach features to hat

The Pattern

Full set of instructions with this free crochet pattern on blog. 

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