Looking Back, Looking Forward: Crochet Resolutions

It appears to be January again.
That means it's time to take a look at last year's resolutions, give myself a report card, and set new goals for this coming year. I think I might need an extra cup of hot cocoa to get through this!

Last year's goals:

1. Work from the stash. Grade: C.
I was pretty good at using up stash yarn this year! Unfortunately, I also replaced that used stash so quickly that the space it occupied didn't even have the chance to see sunlight. My one comfort is that if I hadn't kept using up the yarn as quickly as possible, we'd have to move the furniture onto the roof to make room for the new stash.

Goal:                                                                  Reality:  


2. Craft selfishly. Grade: D.
I did make myself a shawl (a BIG shawl, to be fair), and a hat. But…that's it. I did what I always do and made a lot of gifts. I blame this generous crafty nature for the onslaught of yarn (see goal 1). I couldn't make that baby toy out of alpaca lace! I had to go get cotton. My built-in loophole for last year is still serving me well in bailing myself out of this failing grade.


3. Finish projects. Grade: B.
I did, I did! I finished a lot of things. Not everything, alas, but the work-in-progress pile shrunk considerably. I am the proud owner of fewer than 10 WIPS. Ok, that sounded better in my head. However, I have not added to it at all. I would give myself an A, but I cheated a little and ripped out two big projects that I knew would never get done.


4. Spin 4oz fiber/month. Grade: F.
I…don't even want to talk about this one. I seem to have mistaken this rule for acquire 4 oz of spinning fiber a month.


5. Teach someone to crochet. Grade: A+.
I am happy to say that I have taught over a dozen people to crochet in the past year! The + is because one of them is a recovering knitter. I'll continue to convert/teach as many people as possible in the years to come!

Ok, so about this whole 2012 thing. Apparently I need to be more reasonable, as far as what I can really achieve in terms of goal-making. So we'll start there!
1. Be kind to myself. I just want to point out that giving myself huge lists of behavior-improving laws is not the best way to start the year off with this goal in mind!
2. Finish a few sweaters for myself. This is a bite-sized version of my "craft selfishly" goal from last year. That was too broad, so I'm narrowing it down for a better chance of success. Plus, I have two in progress already, so it should be well within reach. Please note the lack of commitment to a specific number of sweaters that must be made in order to achieve this goal. That is key in keeping with goal number 1.
3. Don't pretend like I'm not going to crochet holiday gifts this year, and then realize in October that that's exactly what I'm going to do after all. That was awful. Accept that crafting gifts is just what I do, and start in June. But not before June!
4. Continue to stash bust. This is going to be a lot like last year in that I need to work pretty fast in order to stay ahead of the incoming yarn. I may have slipped and signed up for two sock yarn clubs… So I need to make way for two dozen skeins of yarn that should be landing in the next 7 months. Oops! Basically, I need to make a couple of chunky sweaters. This works well with goal number 2.

5. Crochet less. Yeah, that's right. No need to adjust your monitors. And yes, I know this is in direct violation of goal number 4. What I'm really saying is that I need to spend more time cooking and getting a garden established at our new house, and I'm ashamed to say I know from personal experience that that is really hard to do with a hook and yarn in hand! I get so buried in projects that I sometimes forget that there are other hobbies that I enjoy. So: Crochet smarter, not harder. For the record, I'm calling this now: I am so going to fail this goal. But I'm going to try!

Ok, there are five new craft goals for 2012! Now I can cross "make five craft goals" off of my broader "life goals" list. What are your craft goals for the year? How did you do last year? Shall we commiserate? Please don't tell me you aced everything.

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