Long Catch Up

Well. Will the bad blogger please stand up?

No, sit down. It's me.


To push through the shame and guilt, I'm taking a figurative deep breath and this is what's spilling out of my feverishly typing fingers all at once:

  1. Anyone going to a World Wide Knit in Public day event, if only to crochet your heart out? I'm hoping to stop by the event at Kits Beach here in Vancouver tomorrow morning sometime. If you'll be there, leave a comment!
  2. I wrote a more personal TNNA recap on my blog; do take note of that intuition advice, eh?
  3. As for a more specifically crochet-oriented recap, here goes: TNNA rocked for crochet this year. Just a year ago I felt I had to explain myself and crochet to lots of vendors at the show, and this year it was taken for granted. In a good way. It was taken for granted to have crocheted samples around, and to not look at me like I had four heads when I brought up the topic. It's not too dramatic yet, but there's a slow and steady rise in interest at the professional level, and that's just excellent to see. The crochet designers I spoke with said they had a great show, which means consumers can look out for more published designs in the coming season. The overall trend in knitting toward lightweight yarns is great for us, too, because we use them lots and lots. Both Brown Sheep and Mission Falls have released new lighter-weight versions of their popular worsted weight yarns. Rock. Due to an unfortunate delay out of Chicago that involved sitting on the tarmac for two hours without air conditioning because the blistering heat outside meant the engine would overheat if the A/C was used (that's a great irony to experience, dudes), I missed half the fashion show, so I can't report on how visible crochet was. Anyone want to fill us in?
  4. I'm very tempted to nick Liz's WIP-reduction scheme. Add on to her work-reward plan that my birthday's in three weeks, and it could be dangerous. But I laugh in the face of danger. Do you have stash- or WIP-reduction plans for the summer?
  5. The preview of the summer IC issue came out last week. I hope you love it!

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