Live from Crochet Corner on Knitting Daily TV

One of our favorite designers, Kristin Omdahl, skillfully wears the hat of crochet expert on the public television show, Knitting Daily TV. Kristin joins us today for a behind the scenes peek at the taping of a fiber filled series! -Toni

Hi, I’m back near Cleveland, Ohio to tape the fifth season of Knitting Daily TV, and I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek at what you can expect to see airing this summer on your local PBS station.

In each of the 13 episodes of Series 500, I host Crochet Corner. I’ll be teaching more innovative crochet techniques that any fiber artist can tackle. This season's techniques include Tunisian simple stitch, hairpin lace, colorwork, lace edgings, garment construction, and much more. Whether you just want to learn a neat edging, embellish your garments, or learn a new technique to use up your stash, the crochet corner segment always includes a free pattern, so you can explore each new technique.  The afghans are gorgeous! I am eager to begin one of them for me – it is a swirly, lacy design.

Teaching crochet for the show has been a great experience, but the most challenging part of it starts well before the taping. I select a different outfit for each episode (it's also challenging changing clothes constantly without rubbing my pancake TV makeup off onto my garments). I try to wear a lot of shawls and wraps from my books so you can see they look great on anyone, not just professional models. Whenever possible, I style them differently than we do in the books, to showcase their versatility.  (You'll find sources for my crocheted garments in the show's notes at after the show airs).

Shay Eunny KristinAnd of course you can further your knitting skills with Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits and one of my co-hosts, along with the amazing Shay Pendray. In the opening segments to each episode, Eunny demos basic knitting techniques such as troubleshooting mistakes before they happen, making a basic buttonhole, circular needle techniques, how to repair your knitting with darning, stash-busting ideas, and more. Eunny and I have a lot of fun catching up at the studio. Not only do we share a passion for fiber arts, but we also share a love for cooking and running.

We hope you'll join us for another great season on Knitting Daily TV. Check your local listing to see if the show airs in your area, and if not contact your local public television station and tell them you'd like to see Knitting Daily TV!

I hope you enjoy Series 500 as much as we do!

Kristin Omdahl



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