Little Giving Birds


A great easy amigurumi bird using a basic amigurumi ball. Great as a gift and as donations for nonprofits to make people smile!

Materials List

D/K yarn of your color choice

Felt in two colors


Finished Size


The Pattern

Row 1: Ch6 into a magic circle

Row 2: Ch1in each st

Row 3: Ch2, ch1

Row 4: Ch2, ch1, ch1 repeat

Row 5: Ch2, ch1, ch1, ch1 repeat

Row 6: Ch2, ch1, ch1, ch1, ch1 repeat

Row 7: Ch1

Row 8: Ch1

Row 9: Ch1

Row 10: Ch1

Row 11: Ch1, dec 1

Row 12: Dec, dec

Weave in ends and trim!


Cut two 2” by 1/2” rectangles of cream color felt, fold each in half


Cut one 1” circle of cream color felt


Cut one triangle to make beak big or small in orange felt


Cut one heart in orange color felt, the tops of the heart are the feet that stick out

Attach all with either hot glue, thread or punch needle.

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