Little Crochet Baby Hats for Charity

Who can resist making tiny purple baby hats?

Crochet Baby Hat  
Berry Baby Hat by Chloe Nightingale  

Recently a friend sent me a link to Click for Babies, an organization that strives to bring attention to normal infant crying, baby abuse, and shaken baby syndrome. As part of their crusade for awareness, a grassroots campaign called CLICK for Babies: Period of PURPLE Crying Caps is inviting knitters and crocheters to make purple baby hats. These hats, in addition to information on infant crying and coping mechanisms, will be distributed to new parents during the months of November and December.

I invited a group of friends together for a crocheting for charity craft night. But we have crocheters, knitters, and those who have never picked up a hook or needle coming.

I would love for you to join me. Invite a group of your friends to get together and whip up a few hats for charity.  You can find a list of hospitals who would welcome wee purple hats on Click for Babies' website. Don't forget to take a few pictures of each other making your baby hats. Then post your photos, as well as photograph of your hats, in the member gallery. I would love to see what you make.

Here are some tips on baby hats for Click for Babies:

  •   Free Crochet Baby Hat
      Baby Bear's Back-up Hat by Marty Miller

    Please refrain from including "pom poms" that hang from strings or any type of strap to secure caps to baby's heads. These pose a potential choking and/or strangling hazard to babies.

  • Use a baby friendly yarn. Remember, new parents have lots to do with little sleep, so pick a machine washable yarn.
  • Your baby hat needs to be at least 50% purple.
  • As a general rule, caps should have a circumference between 7.5-13.5in (19.0-34.0cm) and a height of 3.5-6in (9.0-15.0cm).
  • Please include a tag for each hat with size and fiber information.
  • Hats need to be received by October 1st.
Crocheted Baby Hat  
Primary Hat by Toni Rexroat and Susan Hazel Rich

If you are looking for the perfect hat to crochet, I have three free crochet baby hat suggestions. The Berry Baby Hat by Chloe Nightingale is fun and whimsical. It would also work as well for a boy as for a girl. If you are looking for something really quick and easy or the perfect pattern for a beginning crocheter, I would suggest Baby Bear's Back-up Hat by Marty Miller. And finally the Primary Hat, created by myself and our designer Susan. This basic baby hat would look adorable embellished with a variety of flowers or with a fun bit of ribbing.

I hope you can join us. If you are currently crocheting for a different charity, please share it with us. Crochet Me members are always looking for a good way to give back.

Best wishes,

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