Lipstick Cozy


Helda Panagary


I hate throwing away those little bits of yarn, so much so I store them in a box marked scraps. I’m convinced they will come in handy .This pattern is designed to use those scraps. Use any sized hook and any leftover yarns.

Materials List

5 -10 grams of yarn, I used scraps from Hazelknits, use whatever you have .

2mm crochet hook, this size hook ensures you have a snug fit ,you dont want it to slip off when tossed into you bag.

Finished Size

7.5 cms/3 inches




Please note ; cozy should be stiff tight stitches this will ensure that the cozy does not slip off in the black hole of your handbag.

Use uk stitches

The Pattern

This project satisfies the urge to crochet and it also gives a sense of satisfaction that comes with completed items .Make a few for those moments you need to give gift to friends,family a great way to say thank you.

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