Lightweight Crochet for Winter

I know that many of you live in warm climates. You crochet with fine-weight yarns and can wear lace garments year-round. I will admit to a touch of jealousy. I love lightweight crochet-lace shawls, shells worked in intricate stitch patterns, and garments crocheted in lightweight silks and cotton!

The winters here in Colorado can be bitterly cold, and I tend to reach for thick wool sweaters instead of lightweight silk or cotton blends. But this year, with a little fashion creativity, I plan to wear lightweight crochet garments all year. With this new goal in mind, I have narrowed down my winter crocheting queue to four pieces. 

The lacy stitches worked with soft mohair make the Moss Fern Wrap the perfect accessory to pair with an elegant dress on a spring or summer evening. But when the winter chill arrives, I can wear it with a classic wool coat or pair a dress for an indoor party. 
The simple double crochet and chain pattern of the Trellis Pullover make this bamboo top a cool choice on a warm day. But paired with a three-quarter-sleeved shirt, this fashionable sweater makes a great fall layer. 
The draped silhouette of the Sangria Cardigan is perfect for this fall's fashion. And the silk and alpaca yarn used to create the lacy shell pattern also makes this a great transitional garment for spring when paired with a skirt and sandals. 
And finally, I love the combination of bamboo shells and double crochet stitches in the Abalone Shell. Worn over a tank top, this lacy vest is perfect for summer. But worn with a long-sleeved tee or button-up shirt with a long wool skirt, it becomes a perfect vest for a winter ensemble. 

Rather than just reaching for worsted-weight wool and alpaca yarns, this winter I plan to work on and wear lightweight crochet. You can take advantage of great discounts on the patterns I've mentioned and many other great lightweight crochet designs during the StashBuster Sale. But hurry, this sale ends tomorrow.


Best wishes,

P.S. I would love to hear how you wear your lightweight crochet year-round.

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