Lexie Barnes Has Some Good Timing

I'm turning 30 on Sunday, kids. Other people refer to it as "The Big Three-Oh", but although I'm really stoked about it because I love birthdays, I'm not anticipating this one will be any bigger than the others. Ok, but really? I love my birthday. Yes I do.

And today, the festivities began. Three birthday cards (one cute, two funny) from my parents arrived, as did a bag from Lexie Barnes. Just after Amy announced she's a bag ho, I do feel a little funny announcing the same about myself. Not wanting to steal her clever label, I'll just come out and say I have a thing for bags. A big thing. I like to organize my stuff. I like to tote stuff around with me. And I like the look of bags. I like how much variety there can be in the design of them, both regarding form and function. And to boot, I love me Lexie Barnes (the person, and her bags). She's a fun person, yo. And she knows I love her Makiko pattern, so that's what she sent me. It's so girly and fun.

Flo Bag - MakikoThe Flo bag is big, and small. How can that be? It's magic. It's long, but short. It fits perfectly under my arm and the grippy handles keep it there. The pockets inside are the perfect height for crochet stuff (admittedly, it can be tight for 7 hooks, but the long pocket inside is perfect for even Tunisian-length hooks), and there's room enough in the main compartment for a good-sized project. No zippers to snag yarn here. The closure is magnetic, and when sitting next to you the bag will just stay open. Again, magic. Or, okay. Fine. Maybe it's amazing design. You pick. Regardless, as expected from Lexie, this bag approaches perfection.

Note: Lexie didn't know it was my birthday. She sent me the sample to be written up in our fall issue. Even though I just sang its praises here, it'll also show up in the fall issue. It's just, what with the timing with my birthday and all, I couldn't wait.

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