Legal Battle with Chanel over Crochet Design

A French woman who owns a company that provides tailoring and stitching work to high-fashion houses is suing Chanel, alleging they stole one of her company's crochet designs.

Carmen Colle filed the suit over four years ago and it's just going to trial in France now. She told the Guardian, "It is not just World Tricot at stake. It is the recognition of small
businesses and their creations," she said. "[Big names] treat us as
things they can take up and then throw away. It's a shame for them. The
greatness of a country, and the greatness of a brand, is the respect it
shows for its petites mains."

The article is worth a read. I'll certainly be watching closely for the decision.

(Hat tip to Amy, who tweeted a link to the article.)

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