Learning Together: Granny Squares with the Stitching Group

Every Friday night, give or take, I grab sushi with my friend Marianela and then we go to the stitch night at our local yarn store. We've been going for about a year, and the ritual has become one of my favourite parts of the week. The regular yarn talk, I'm sure, has played more than a small part in my recent bout of obsessive crafting.

Though I've undertaken some serious lace making at the urging of the group, and have been egged on even in the making of the simplest of baby sweaters, it's the current project we've started all together that makes my heart swell.

Every so often, see, I'd be the lone stitcher crocheting in the group. And though some members do crochet, many others have only sort of been wanting to learn.

And so we concocted a project for ourselves – simple enough that the newbies won't be intimidated, interesting enough that the whole group will remain excited about it.

Two weeks ago, each of the eight people who decided to participate bought a skein of yarn (we decided first which colours to buy). We're making granny squares, people.

Urban Yarns Granny Square Crochet-Along

That night one member of the crochet-along took all the yarn home; the following week, she passed the yarn to the next person, along with the two granny squares she'd made. We set no goal for the number of squares to make in a week – we all have things that come up, so we wanted a low-pressure commitment.

At the end of the eight weeks, we'll sew the squares into as many baby blankets as we can, and we'll donate them to a local organization.

Marianela took the yarn for the second week, and she texted me on Saturday morning super excited because she'd made her first granny square. (She took the photo I've posted here.)

So we're creating crocheters and blankets all at once. WIN.

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