Learning Mosaic Crochet

Before I met Lily Chin several weeks ago, I had never heard of Mosaic crochet. I could guess that the technique involved more than one color, my dad creates mosaic Damascus with multiple colors of metal, but I wasn't sure how to translate that knowledge to fiber. I didn't think I had ever crocheted using this technique, and the Mosaic knitting explanations I received from my coworkers didn't quite clarify the technique.

So I turned to Lily's new DVD for information. Mosaic crochet is a technique using multiple colors. Only one color is worked per row, but stitches can be worked into previous rows to cover up stitches and create color patterns.


I thumbed through the Harmony Guides: Basic Crochet Stitches for an example of mosaic crochet. To my delight a found a few and decided to swatch the Brickwork Pattern. You can see 2 rows of single crochet worked in my first color, green. On the 4th row I started worked the "dropped" stitches, working double-treble crochets over the top of the green rows. These "dropped" stitches are what create the Mosaic pattern.

  That's when I realized that I had used a Mosaic crochet stitch pattern for a blanket strip almost a year ago. I was fascinated by the stitch then, but couldn't find any more information on it. Now I can't wait to settle on the couch with my crochet hook, several colors of yarn, and Lily Chin's new DVD. Now that I know what Mosaic crochet is, I want to know how it works. Pre-order your copy of Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin today and let Lily Chin share with you this wonderful crochet technique.

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