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Tomorrow begins the New Year. Over the past year I have finished my first ever full sized crochet afghan-I don't know what took me so long-and really jumped into crocheted cable projects. For 2013, my crochet resolution list is growing faster than I can write. For each resolution, I have found a great video workshop to walk me through the process. Like many of you, I am a visual learner. Here are three of my New Year's resolutions.

Crochet Clones Lace  

Create an Irish Crochet Project

Irish crochet allows your creativity free rein; perfect for those crocheters like myself who are a bit free form in their crocheting. Whip up a stash of traditional Irish crochet motifs, including flowers, leaves, and bullions, then arrange them in any project you can dream up. Máire Treanor will show you not only how to create the motifs and share with you the history of this traditional crochet technique, she will show you how to join the motifs to create your own unique project, from a skirt or a bag to a jacket or a mask.

Crochet Colorwork  

Explore Color

Some people have a gift for combining colors to create stunning crochet bags, accessories, and garments. I tend to fall back on my favorite color over and over. With Kathy Merrick's help, this year I am going to discover my own color instincts, learn how to combine five or even ten different colors to create eye-popping projects, and design with color using the simple colorwork stitches and techniques that Kathy uses for her own projects. Maybe this year I will crochet with something other than blue!

Seamless Crochet  

Weave in Fewer Loose Ends

Occasionally, it can be quite relaxing to sit down and weave in a few loose ends. More often than not, a project will sit for weeks or months, just waiting for the ends to be woven in. So next year, I am going to practice Kristin Omdahl's new seamless technique. These designs are motif based, but the only ends to be woven in are the ones at the beginning and end of the skein.  That sounds like the kind of project that I can finish quickly.


What crochet New Year's resolutions will you make this year? Whether you want to learn to design sweaters, weave in fewer loose ends, learn Irish Crochet, or simply take the next step in your crochet education download the perfect video workshop in the Crochet Me Shop today!

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