Learn to Create Felted Beads

When I was a teenager, my family and I would use wool roving to create felted balls. They were about the size of a tennis ball and were loved my toddlers and teenagers alike. They were the only balls my mother actually approved of us throwing at each other.

Felted beads can be created in the same way and are a fabulous addition to crocheted jewelry pieces. Check out Beading Daily Editor Jennifer VanBenschoten's blog tutorial on creating felted beads. Here is an excerpt:

Felted BeadsStep 1: Roll Your Wool Into a Ball

I saw a couple of tutorials online that instructed me to roll my wool into a loose ball before dunking it in the hot water. I have to say, a loose ball of wool held together in that hot soapy water about as well as a piece of limp spaghetti! Winding that wool into a tight ball made all the difference in my finished beads.

Unroll your wool into a long strand. The longer the strand, the bigger your finished felted bead will be. (A few of the tutorials said that the beads would shrink by 50% when they were finished, but I didn't find that to be the case with my felted beads.) Begin rolling it into a ball the same way  you would wrap a strand of yarn into a ball. Wrap tightly as you go until you have a ball of the desired size for your bead. Read More . . . .


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