Learn the Secret of Crochet Hats

One can never crochet too many hats. Hats are the accessory I turn to when I want to try a new crochet stitch or technique. They are the ideal handmade gift, the perfect addition to any outfit, and a great project for a skein of special yarn.

crochet hats  
Chullo Hat by Ellen K. Gormley  

Crochet hats are also a great template for creating your own custom designs. In our newest eBook, Interweave Crochet presents A Step-by-Step Guide to Crocheted Hats, Marty Miller presents her incredible article on hat construction. These detailed instructions will allow you to design your own custom crochet hats in no time, and a collection of five incredible hats will introduce you to a variety of hat possibilities. Here is Interweave Crochet Editor Marcy Smith to tell us more about this eBook.

A Guide to Crochet Hats

You already know that hats are great go-to gifts. And who doesn't need an extra hat? You need a second one to wear while the first dries out from the snowball fight.

  Crochet Hats
  Boyfriend Beanie by Melissa Horozewski

This eBook has a pattern for everyone on your list. And it has a special gift for the crocheter: a range of techniques to engage both beginning crocheters and more experienced crocheters. Hats are wonderful creative canvases; you can play with color combinations, stitch patterns, and shaping techniques. And they're a great way to use up odd amounts of yarn.

In this eBook, Marty Miller provides a basic recipe for hats based on a simple circle in her article Circle in on the Perfect Hat. Once you learn her method of making hats, you can make a quick hat for anyone, adding adornments to suit any personality. Then you can branch out to explore more methods.

Crochet Hats  
Audrey's Lace Cap by Linda Price  

Play with color in the Chullo Hat by Ellen K Gormley. Use two colors, as the pattern shows, or dive into your stash and use a rainbow. The earflaps and tassels add a whimsical, and practical, touch, but you can leave them off if you like. Oh, and you need matching mitts? Done.

Or let the yarn do all the colorwork with the Boyfriend Beanie by Melissa Horozewski. A single ball of self-striping sock yarn creates a Fair-Isle-style beanie.

  Crochet Hats
  Driftwood Cap by Ellen K. Gormley

For a feminine cap that provides just enough warmth, explore the lacy patterning in Audrey's Lace Cap by Linda Price. Or dive into rich texture with the Driftwood Hat by Ellen K Gormley; post stitches ebb and flow to give the hat a rich look with terrific fit. Post stitches go to the next level with the exquisitely cabled Honeysuckle Hat by Aparna Rolfe.

Whether you're making a hat for yourself or someone else, you'll find a pattern for everyone in this eBook.

— Marcy

Crochet Hats  
Honeysuckle Hat by Aparna Rolfe

Download Interweave Crochet presents A Step-by-Step Guide to Crocheted Hats  today and create beautiful handmade hats for yourself and everyone on your holiday list.

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P.S. Do you have a favorite hat? I would love to hear why it is your favorite.


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