Learn Multiple Lace Crochet Techniques

Haute Couture Peplum Top

What description would you give to explain crochet lace? I’ve tried several times, and I can’t seem to come up with a good explanation that covers all of the lace designs, from pineapple motifs and shells to Irish crochet and lover’s knots.
You can’t describe crochet lace by yarn size; you can use any weight. Mary Jane uses sportweight, DK, and even worsted weight yarn to design lace garments, and Marie Treanor does some incredible things with thread crochet.

Burano Clones Mask

Thread is commonly used to create lacey Irish crochet motifs. The motifs can be joined to create shawls, tops, purses, and even dresses. Marie is an expert on Clones lace, and she has created some incredible pieces like the Burano Mask. But you don’t have to work Irish crochet in thread. You can use DK or even bulky weight yarn.
Maybe Mary Jane can help me find a good description for crochet lace.

What is Lace Anyway?

Crocheted and knitted lace are very popular, but also included in this category are tatting, hairpin or broomstick lace, and knotted lace such as macramé, Bruges lace, bobbin lace, Battenberg lace, and Romanian lace, to name just a few. “What is lace?” may seem like an unnecessary question, but I was curious as to what others would say, so I did an informal survey asking both men and women what their definition of lace is. Surprisingly, I got a variety of interesting answers. The first was, “It’s fabric with holes.” I had to laugh, but that’s one way of putting it. Someone else said, “Intricate patterns that are open with a darker or lighter color in the background allowing the stitches to show up.”

Au Naturel Cropped Top

Others replied, “It’s a delicate, frilly fabric, usually loose, open, feminine, and pretty.” One of the best answers was, “Lace is a lightweight and airy material with designs in it.” I agree with all these answers and wanted to present projects that represent these definitions as well as other ways of looking at crocheted lace.

—Mary Jane Hall

Amélie Triangular Shawl

Maybe I don’t need to be able to write a description for crochet lace. Maybe it’s good enough to be able to show off examples of the wide variety of lace designs you can create with just a hook and yarn. Download your copy of the Irish Lace and More Crochet Digital Collection and get Mary Jane Hall’s Colorful Crochet Lace ebook and Marie Treanor’s Interweave Crochet Workshop: Irish Crochet and Clones Lace Video.
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P.S. Let me know in the comments how you would describe crochet lace.

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