Learn How to Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet is much more than a fascinating new crochet stitch or a design to try. And you don't have to be an experienced or even an intermediate crocheter to pick up a Tunisian crochet hook and create something amazing. Tunisian crochet is a crochet technique with similarities to both crochet and knitting but also brings many of its own benefits to the table.

Tunisian Crochet Shawl  
Five Peaks Shawl  

Worked with a single crochet hook with either a long symmetrical shaft or a long flexible cord, Tunisian crochet is created by picking up a loop in the stitch and leaving that loop on the hook, then moving to the next stitch. Once all of the indicated loops have been picked up, work the return pass, yarning over and drawing through the loops on the hook to work the loops off the hook and finish the stitch.

  Tunisian Crochet Wrap
  Red Rocks Wrap

Sound a little confusing? Tunisian designer Kim Guzman is ready to walk you through each step and explain how a variety of Tunisian stitches, decreases, and increases work in A Step-By-Step Guide to Tunisian Crochet, the newest eBook from Interweave Crochet. You will also find five of our favorite patterns with which to perfect your new skills.

Tunisian Crochet Afghan  
Mulled Spices Afghan  

The Five Peaks Shawl, Red Rocks Wrap, and Mulled Spices Afghan are worked in Tunisian simple stitch, the most popular Tunisian stitch. Tunisian simple stitch creates a dense and luxurious stitch, perfect for projects such as afghans, shawls, or coats that are designed for warmth. The unique shaping of the Five Peaks Shawl not only helps it stay in place on your shoulders but also introduces you to basic increases and decreases.

The classic Tunisian simple stitch stripes of the Mulled Spices Afghan are easily adaptable to a myriad of color combinations. And if you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, jump into the entrelac border. I think this design element is my favorite part of this cozy afghan and quite simple to work once you get the hang of the entrelac technique.

  Tunisian Crochet Tunic
  Spice Market Tunic

Of course, Tunisian simple stitch is not the only stitch available in the Tunisian arsenal. The Spice Market Tunic combines the Tunisian simple stitch with Tunisian purl stitch to create a delicately textured full-coverage fabric, and Tara's Tunisian Scarf introduces you to creating Tunisian lace.

Tara's Tunisian Scarf  

Begin your Tunisian crochet adventure and explore the possibilities of this beautiful technique. Download Interweave Crochet Presents A Step-By-Step Guide to Tunisian Crochet with 5 Staff Favorite Patterns eBook today.

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