Learn How to To Photograph Crochet

Jason Mullett-Bowlsby is one of the talented gentlemen behind Shibaguyz. If you’re unfamiliar with Shibaguyz, I suggest you look them up immediately. Their website is really three distinct entities, yarn designs, photography, and lifestyle, each with it’s own beautifully photographed and well-written blog. There is always something to learn or make or simply to appreciate.

iCan Click Jason Mullett-Bowlsby Jason runs Shibaguyz Photography and has put together an awesome course about how to photograph crochet, knit, jewelry, and other handmade creations. It’s always disappointing when you’ve worked really hard on a thing and want to show it off but don’t know how to make it look as great in pictures as it does in real life. Maybe the colors aren’t true, or the photo is over or under exposed. Maybe you need to know more about composition and how to make sure your project is the focus of the photo and there aren’t too many distractions.

You don’t need a fancy camera; this class teaches you how to maximize your smart phone! Most of us carry one of these everywhere we go without fully understanding how much we can really do with it. While we often take pictures with all settings on autopilot, learning how to use this awesome tool effectively is a game changer.

iCan Click Jason Mullett-Bowlsby No matter your craft, it is essential that your photographs show your work effectively and truly. If your crafts are your livelihood, this is even more essential. If you make beautiful things but do not photograph them well, people are going to be much less willing to purchase things from you. In this age of buying things online, we purchase with our eyes above all else, so make sure you’re doing your work justice.

Banish the phrase “well, it’s hard to see in this picture” from your vocabulary and learn to showcase your hard work with professional looking photography and style. Sign up today for this fantastic new course, and with humor and a wonderful sense of fun, Jason will get you photographing in no time!

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