Learn How to Filet Crochet

Have you ever tried filet crochet? If you haven’t, I’ll help you start your first project today! If you have, we have a couple of projects you really should add to the top of your queue.

Filet crochet is typically considered a type of lace crochet and is a great technique for summer shawls, tops, and even a skirt or pair of shorts. It’s frequently worked in cotton thread or a tightly spun fingering or sport weight yarn with good stitch definition, which lends to its popularity in summer crochet projects.

Filet crochet allows you to create patterns and even pictures using solid stitches and negative spaces. When you’re crocheting or designing with filet crochet think about everything in blocks or boxes. If you can create the image or design on graph paper by filling in blocks, you can replicate it with filet crochet.

Learn How to Filet Crochet

Use graph paper to create your own filet crochet design and see how filet crochet looks in this great stitch diagram.

When working filet crochet, boxes create negative space and blocks create positive space–like the spaces you fill in or leave empty on graph paper. Each block or box consists of three stitches except the last one which includes an additional stitch to close the row. The boxes in filet crochet are created by double crocheting in a stitch, skipping 2 chains or stitches, and double crocheting in the next stitch. This creates a negative space box. The solid blocks are created by double crocheting in each of the next three stitches or chains–creating a solid block of stitches. It’s that simple!

Learn How to Filet Crochet

Filet crochet is a great technique for summer tops like the Red Dahlia Top or the Floral Filet Ruana.

Give it a try, and you’ll catch on quickly. The perfect place to start is the Interweave Crochet Summer 2019 issue. The Red Dahlia Top uses filet crochet to create filet crochet flowers that are perfectly paired with the flower motifs that ring the neckline. Or add some character to your wardrobe with the Floral Filet Ruana. In this design, Kristin Lynn has cleverly used the basics of filet crochet and then upgraded them with v-stitches and post stitches to add additional interest to the pattern. Or if you are feeling really creative, check out the 10 Ways to Customize a Tank article and create your own unique filet crochet design tank top.

Learn How to Filet Crochet

Use filet crochet to create stunning patterns like this crochet tank.

Download or order your Interweave Crochet Summer 2019 issue and try filet crochet today! You’ll love it!

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