Learn the Crochet Spike Stitch in this FREE, How-to Guide

Learn how to do the crochet spike stitch in this FREE guide.I was introduced the crochet spike stitch several years ago, though it was called a long single crochet by the designer. This incredible stitch was so easy, but the resulting fabric was awesome. Worked in a contrasting color, you can create simple colowork, and even when worked in the same color, spike stitches create a beautiful textured fabric.


The crochet spike stitch is an easy colorwork technique and creates a beautifully subtle texture. Perfect for beginning crocheters and experienced alike, spike stitches can be used to create a wide variety of different designs. The crochet spike stitch is known by many names including the crochet long stitch, long single crochet, and the elongated single crochet.

In this free eBook, Long Stitch Colorwork: 4 FREE Patterns + How to Crochet the Spike Stitch, we explore the spike stitch. You will learn how to work this simple stitch, from short vertical stitches to long spike stitches and diagonal spike stitches. Then put your new knowledge to use with four free patterns that highlight the possibilities of this innovative stitch. Download this fabulous, free fabulous spike stitch crochet pattern eBook today!

Learn the Crochet Spike Stitch with These Free Patterns and Tutorials:

How to Crochet Spike Stitch Article

Learn how to crochet spike stitch in this FREE article.
A short how-to article (Crocheting the Spike Stitch) will introduce you to the construction and possibilities of spike stitches. This simple stitch can be worked to a variety of heights vertically as well as diagonally to create a distinctive textured fabric. You’ll learn how to work long double crochet, single crochet, and other heights of stitches over rows of contrasting colors to create fun colorwork designs.

Free Vest Pattern

Learn how to crochet a vest in this FREE guide on crochet spike stitch.
Imperial Vest by Kristen Heln Strohm
This unique vest is a stylish accessory with a sleek fit. This vest is great for men and women and the spike edging elegantly highlights the edges and a chic V construction in the back. Work the long stitch in a contrasting color to draw attention or in the matching color for a more subtle trimming

Free Scarf Pattern

Learn about the crochet spike stitch by crocheting this scarf pattern.
River Scarf by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud
This beautiful scarf utilizes eyelets and crochet spike stitches (as a modified long double crochet stitch) to create a textured scarf that will beautifully pair with jeans or a favorite dress. The easy lace pattern is quickly memorized, and this scarf can be easily modified for a wider, shorter, or longer piece.

Free Boots Pattern

Crochet these booties with the crochet spike stitch with this FREE guide.
Popsicle Boots by Robyn Chachula
These adorable boots are a great introduction to spike stitches and working the long single crochet (aka single crochet spike). Short spikes worked over stripes of color create a unique colorwork design in warm and wearable crochet boots. The faux leather sole gives a little grip and structure to the boot, which is helpful for new walkers.

Free Purse Pattern

Learn how to crochet a purse in this FREE guide with the crochet spike stitch.
Starburst Clutch by Toni Rexroat
This simple but elegant clutch is a beautiful way to highlight the attractiveness and possibilities of spike stitches. By combining single crochet spike stitches worked to different lengths and in different directions, this clutch makes an easy and eye-catching accessory. Try working this clutch in a single color or in more than two colors for a variety of looks.

A simple and beautiful colorwork technique and a great way to create a firm textured fabric, the crocheted spike stitch is a very easy stitch that can be adapted to sweaters, socks, home decor, and accessories. They are also easy to add to nearly any single crochet project without complicated modifications. You can work an entire fabric, as with the Starburst Clutch, or use a few dispersed stitches to highlight the design as with the Imperial Vest.

This eye-catching stitch allows you to quickly create beautiful colorwork, and learning how to crochet with spike stitches is easy. Spike stitches are worked in single crochet and created by inserting the hook in a stitch at least two rows below. After yarning over, the loop is pulled up to the height of the row being worked. Yarn over and draw through two loops on your hook just as you would a normal single crochet. Learn how to crochet spike stitch and create beautiful colorwork and textured stitches with this free download.

Download your copy of Long Stitch Colorwork: 4 FREE Patterns + How to Crochet the Spike Stitch today! You will quickly fall in love with this easy and striking crochet stitch.


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