Learn How to Crochet the Crocodile Stitch

Scales, feathers, or armor, the crocodile stitch has become a popular technique to create 3-D crochet stitches that mimic the delicate strength of shapes found in nature. This intriguing stitch has steadily increased in popularity and is used in more and more patterns.

  Icarus Shawl by Tracey McCorkel

The Icarus Shawl by Tracey McCorkle has garnered a lot of attention. This magical shawl is inspired by Faroese designs and the wings of an ancient bird. The "feathers" that run down the middle of the intricate shawl are created using the crocodile stitch.


The crocodile stitch is worked into a base of V-stitches. Begin by working several V-stitches on a base of double crochet or tall stitches and separated by single crochet or short stitches.

  On the next row, I worked a multiple of double crochet stitches down the first post of the V-stitch. This is the row that creates the 3-D aspect of the technique. For my "scales," I worked five double crochet. For larger scales, try working taller stitches or play with working more stitches.
  After you have crocheted down the first post of the V-stitch, chain one. Work the same number of double crochets up the second post of the V-stitch. Single crochet in the next single crochet and work the next crocodile stitch in the following V-stitch.
  On rows following the 3-D row, work a V-stitch in each V-stitch and a single crochet in each single crochet across. This creates the next base row to work the "scales" into. Now repeat the crocodile stitch in each new V-stitch. Voila! Now you can create the crocodile stitch too. It is really quite simple.

While crocodile stitch can be incorporated into complicated crochet patterns, the basic stitch is quite simple. Let's look at how the stitch is created.

  Icarus Shawl Stitch Diagram

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