Learn How to Crochet, Spin, and Knit

I need another fiber hobby. Don’t laugh! I know we all joke and laugh about learning a new fiber craft, but they are so much fun! Think about the excitement of finding a fascinating a new pattern, how easy it is to fall in love with a new yarn, the way yarn and hook can destress your evening? We all need more of that. But you’re in luck; there are lots of fiber crafts. You could learn how to Tunisian crochet, how to spin, and even how to knit–take a walk on the dark side with its live stitches and double pointed needles.

learn to crochet

The Quatrefoil Sweater is a beautiful example of filet crochet, the next crochet technique I want to explore.

I hear the words fiber, yarn, or wool, and you have my immediate attention. Maybe that’s why I consider myself a jack of all fiber crafts, master of none–yet.

So far Interweave has taught me how to crochet, spin, knit, Tunisian crochet–yes I think the crochet technique’s unique enough to warrant being mentioned separately–and embroidery. You may say, “What’s left?” Well I did say I was a Jack of all fibers. Recently rewatching episodes of Knitting Daily TV has reminded me of the many new things I want to learn.

learn to crochet

Knitting Daily TV Crochet Corner Episode 810.

I started with learning how to crochet when I was in my teens. Why did I learn how to crochet first? It was more portable than spinning and the idea of all of those live loops in knitting frankly intimidated me. Mostly, there were amazing crochet patterns I wanted to make. But several years later, I fell in love with a knitted vest pattern and knew I had to learn how to knit. I turned to the experts at Interweave and added another fiber craft to my repertoire.

After rewatching Knitting Daily TV’s Crochet Corner in episode 810, I want to learn how to filet crochet better. It’s the perfect crochet technique for the summer. Just take a look at these gorgeous filet crochet projects.

Ready to learn a new fiber craft? Whether you want to learn how to spin, how to knit, or how to work a new crochet stitch, you really need to order or download our Knitting Daily TV.

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Explore more crochet patterns in Interweave Crochet!

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