Learn How to Crochet Bruges Lace

I have been in love with Bruges lace from the moment I laid eyes on The Road to Bruges (see photo below)–a simple scarf that had an elegant drape and, I was assured, an easy pattern. Still, I struggled to wrap my mind around how the band of solid stitches curled so beautifully and how did you join them together. Bruges lace does not use decreases to create its elegant curves. Instead, loops are created at the beginning of each row, and these loops can be joined to pull the strips into curves.

Last year I creates yards of the Bruges Border to edge a dress for my youngest niece. And this year Lily Chin has designed a gorgeous shawl, the Swan Lace Shawl (see photo below), using crochet Bruges lace to create a unique wrap you will love.

Before you begin your Bruges lace project, let me show you how to work the curve.

Learn how to crochet bruges lace with this crochet tutorial.Step 1: Beginning with your chain, skip chains to create a loop and double crochet in each of the remaining chains. I chained twelve, skipped seven chains for my loop, and double crocheted in the remaining five chains.

Step 2: Begin each row by chaining. This will create alternating loops on each side of the solid strip. These loops will be used to create the curve and to join the strips after the curve. My chain loops are each seven chains.

Step 3: Double crochet in each double crochet across.

Step 4: Repeat the last two steps until you have worked the number of loops stated in the pattern. You may be surprised how many loops are required to complete the curve.

Step 5: For this pattern, the Swan Lake Shawl, you will use five loops. Chain three, insert your hook through five loops. Slip stitch and chain three. Working the slip stitch tightly will help you create a sharp curve and eliminate any possible hole where the loops join.

Step 6: Chain three to finish the loop at the beginning of your next row. The chain three and slip stitch used to create the curve count as a portion of the loop stitches, in this case creating seven combined stitches in the loop.

Step 7: Double crochet in each chain across. Congratulations, you have completed your first curve!

So grab your hook and a couple skeins of yarn and download your favorite Bruges lace pattern. This innovative crochet technique will quickly become addictive. Try your new Burges crochet lace skills out on the great patterns in our Burges Lace Pattern Collection.

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