Learn Crochet Designers' Little Secret

Gorgeous garments designed from intricate crochet motifs, textured sweaters covered in crochet cables, and innovative finishing techniques—Robyn Chachula has designed her best book yet with Blueprint Crochet Sweaters. Each of the sixteen innovative patterns includes multiple stitch diagrams, helping visual crocheters like myself to understand the variety of stitches and shaping methods used. Robyn also includes some of her best tips for mastering your crochet design, including tricks for symbol shaping, modifying motifs, felting and lining, and more. Here is Robyn to tell you a little bit more about her newest book.

Clover Car Coat  

Crochet Designers Little Secret

Like many crocheters, you might be intimidated by the idea of making sweaters, let alone designing your own. I wrote Blueprint Crochet Sweaters to take the mystery out of stitching sweaters and give you the confidence to create your own beautiful sweaters. The book breaks sweater construction down into four types: classic construction created by crocheting panels and seaming them, top-down (or in the round) construction, granny motif, and unique construction methods. The designs in each chapter are variations on each type of construction, and sidebars illuminate various aspects of construction.

  Summer Sky Vest

Before we get into the projects, I'll let you in on the mammoth secret crochet designers harbor about how we create our best projects. We cheat! One key to my designs lies in my mistakes. I'm not talking about just dripping a stitch here and there, but about a neckline that suddenly falls off your shoulders or buttonholes not even close to being equally spaced. When I make mistakes, they are sumo-sized, and because I re-crochet only as a last resort, I have amassed quite an assortment of fixes.

Neckline detail of Structured Cardigan  

This is not to say that the basics aren't valid; they are. Yes, you need to match gauge, and yes, you need to use the same fiber content as shown on the pattern, and yes, you need to know your body shape. These basics are essential.

— Robyn

I am going to start the Clover Car Coat, one of Robyn's examples of unique construction, this evening, and her tips for tidying edges are invaluable. Pre-order Blueprint Crochet Sweaters: Techniques for Custom Construction today and discover the tools you need to crochet a variety of sweater styles while creating stunning additions to your wardrobe.

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P.S. What is your favorite crochet sweater type?

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