Learn a New Crochet Technique: Adjustable Ring

This flower crochet pillow is beautiful! It also uses the Adjustable ring.

Zinnia Pillow by Amy Kleinpeter

While I love intricate crochet patterns and new innovative techniques, sometimes you just need a project that calms and relaxes you after a stressful day. The best part about using crochet to relax is that you end up with a gorgeous finished piece when you are finished.

Interweave has gathered 18 projects designed for a relaxing evening of crochet. Mandy O’Sullivan explained the book like this:

“To reap the therapeutic rewards of crafting, I believe a project needs to meet a couple specific requirements: (1) It needs to contain repetitive movements that feel meditative, and (2) it needs to be challenging enough so it distracts and occupies one’s mind, but not too difficult as to be frustrating. The very nature of crochet means that it will always meet the first requirement; creating crochet stitches requires a repetition of movement that creates a physical sense of calm.”

These crochet baskets are a must for your decor.

Small Crochet Basket by Desiree Hobson

But just because a crochet pattern is designed to calm, doesn’t mean it can’t utilize a few slick crochet stitches. One of my favorites is the adjustable rings—also sometimes called the magic ring or adjustable loop. I love this technique because it allows you to fully tighten and eliminate that little hole that forms at the center of your work when you are creating pieces like hats, pillows, bags, and baskets in the round.

To create the adjustable ring, make a large loop with the yarn. Holding the loop with your fingers, insert hook into loop and pull working yarn through loop. Yarn over hook, pull through loop on hook. Continue to work indicated number of stitches into loop. Pull on yarn tail to close loop.


This crochet mandala is quick and easy.

Meditative Mandala by Many O’Sullivan

You might have to practice a few times, but this technique is definitely easy and a skill you want in your toolbox. And don’t forget to practice your new skill with one of the projects in Crochet to Calm while you are curled up on your couch with a cozy crocheted afghan and your beverage of choice.

Download or order your copy of Crochet to Calm and discover the perfect way to relax at the end of the day while creating crochet projects you will love.

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