Leap Year Links

Ok, so it's not a huge number of links. But they're good ones.

Wishing it were Saturday already (heh), our favourite admirer of the day wrote quite nicely about crochet on her blog. From there, I discovered that none other than the Yarn Harlot recently wrote about how crochet can be used to help stabilize knitwear. I'm often asked why a crochet design is worked in a seemingly roundabout way, and I like explaining the clever ways designers have of solving pesky problems with stretch, structure, and shaping. As a knitter, though, these things often remain a mystery to me, and I learned a lot from Stephanie's post.

Moving on from my glee from reading great pieces on crochet, I'm excited for the Fibrefest next weekend in Abbotsford, BC. I don't yet know which day I'll attend, but it should be great fun. (Say it with me now, I will not touch a loom. I will not touch a loom.) And speaking of local goodness, check out this great CBC piece on Birkeland Bros. Wool shop. They show the hundred-year-old carding machine in action!

Aaaand, that's what I've got this day that comes only once every four years. Enjoy it!

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