Lattice Jar Candle Cover


Esther Chandler


This is a lovely little project to make a gift using up some of your stash yarn.  As the candle burn down the light casts pretty shadows and shows off your stitches!  This is the 3rd in my series of candle covers.

Materials List

You will need leftover stash yarn and matching hook, along with a jar candle.  You can make your own candle, instructions for this are included in the pattern!

You may also need some decorative buttons.

Finished Size

Adjustable to fit any jar size; the example shown is a 24cm circumference jar.


This pattern is adjustable so that you can fit your gauge to your specific jar.  Instructions are included in the pattern.


Please make sure your cover is lower than the lip of your jar for fire safety purposes!

The Pattern

You can find this pattern at:

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