Laptop envelope


Korrinn S.


So I have an awesome Macbook 13.3 inch laptop and it makes me sad when it gets scratched or scuffed so I decided to crochet up this quick case! its pretty cute and you can make it to fit any laptop.

Materials List

Two different, contrasting colors and a medium sized hook.

You obviously have some freedom with colors, type of yarn, and size. I used Cotton Ease yarn in pink and black and a size J hook.

Finished Size

Depends on the size of your laptop. Mine fits quite snuggly on my laptop.


Basically what you think will fit your yarn and your laptop.


I made this for a 13.3 macbook, obviously you can slightly change the size in order to fit any sized laptop.

This is crocheted in one piece with the seams up the side.

The Pattern

Using your first color, chain the number of stitches that is necessary for the width of the laptop. I made mine almost exactly the width of the laptop because it will stretch out when you put your laptop in it.

1) hdc in each st for 4 rows
2) Switch to second color and hdc in each st for 4 rows
3) Repeat 1 and 2 8 times
4) Repeat 1
5) Switch to second color and hdc in each st for 2 rows
6) Repeat 2
7) Using Color 1, hdc in each st for 2 rows
8) hdc in first ten sts, chain 2 sts skip 2 sts, hdc in each st until 12 sts from the end, CO 2 sts, skip 2 sts, hdc in each st to end
9) Using color 2, hdc in each st for 2 rows.
8) Repeat 5

Line up the stripes for the front and the back leaving the last 5 stripes at the top in order to have it fold over the front and sew the seams up.

Chain 1 st
hdc 12 sts in the 1 st

sc 12 sts around the 12 sts you just created.

place and sew in buttons… weave in ends and enjoy your new laptop envelope!!

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