LA, Day 3

As the other Crochet me women are settling back in at home and posting their takes on our LA trip, I'm going to continue going day by day. I figure dragging this out as long as I can isn't a bad thing. It's way better, for instance, than having my wallet stolen the other night. So here we go:

We collectively spent a lot of time in our cozy (if curiously decorated) dressing room. Here's Josi sitting next to Julie and Tiff on the TV.

Cecily gets ready to tape:

The rad folks behind the scenes of Uncommon Threads taped the projects before we went into the studio to do the episode. Here's a photo of Julie, Cecily, and Marlo's projects for their flower episode (as seen on the TV in our dressing room during the filming):

Each of the three people taping would spend about 4 minutes with the host, Allison, presenting a project. During that segment the two other guests would sit in the "lounge" on set, crocheting or just watching. Here are Julie and Marlo chillin':

And here's Cecily rehearsing her project. That's Allison in the orangey shirt. And that's Ian (was he the director, kids?) conveniently holding up a script in the foreground.

Stay tuned for LA, Day 4, the final installment.

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