Kristin Omdahl’s Orchid-Inspired Shawl from Crochet So Fine

From Marcy: Kristin Omdahl translates her lovely Florida landscape into exquisite crochet designs. Her latest book, Crochet So Fine, has more than 20 projects—pullovers, cardigan, jackets, capes, shawls, scarves and more—worked in fine laceweight. Her technique maximizes drape and minimizes tedium—working with the fine yarn does not translate to crocheting a single item for the next year. The book includes full instructions on gauge, blocking and lace techniques. Here, Kristin describes the inspiration behind her Orchid Shawl.

Orchids flourish in my adopted state of Florida. I have learned to grow my own, where they are a never-ending source of inspiration for me. I spend a lot of time crocheting near my orchids and get especially excited when buds appear on the stems. The buds grow quite large before the flower blooms. In the Orchid Shawl, clones knots with long chains mirror the beautiful buds.
I wanted the center of the shawl to have the texture and look of a fully blossomed orchid. I found my inspiration in an outdoor cafe table. I took a photo with my phone, then headed home and started swatching.
The shawl is light and drapy, so I wanted an edging with more substance. For this, I replicated the petals in negative space inside a double-crochet background.
This strong border allows not only for enough weight to hold the shawl on, but also for styling options. The chain in the clone knot / orchid bud portion is large enough to insert your arms to wear it as a vest. As a vest, you can secure it with a belt, shawl pin or even a large button. You could also fold the shawl in half and wear it with a belt for more of a cape look.

The orchid Shawl is just one of the many breathtaking designs in this book. Put your hooks into Crochet So Fine right away.


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