Kristin Omdahl on Crocheted Trims

Last Friday, Kristin Omdahl joined us to talk about her newest book, The Finer Edge: Crocheted Trims, Motifs & Borders as well as share some great tips for crocheting trims and edgings.

The idea for this new book of motifs, edgings, and trims came from a comment to Kristin while she was filming the Crochet Corner for Knitting Daily TV.  Concerning her motivation Kristin says, "I felt the need for an edging book that broke it down into categories of types of edgings so you could easily reference for the type of project you needed an edging: for example, is the edging the beginning of the project (bottom up) or is the end of a project (top down) or is it going to be joined perpendicularly (side-to-side)? And of course, not everything fits tidy into categories, so I have a miscellaneous chapter as well, which includes seamless motifs and other unusual types of edgings."

Kristin shared some great tips for joining edgings to finished fabrics by first edging the fabric with blanket stitches. I'll post a more indepth blog on this method later. She also offered advice on turning 90 degree corners with edgings as well as combining edgings and creating entire projects from trims.

There were a couple of links I promised to post today, including a link to the blog on Bruges lace, a link to the free pattern for the Pompeii Mobius, and a link to the Lantern Moon hooks that Kristin used to crochet her samples.

The entire free online seminar with Kristin Omdahl was recorded. So if you couldn't make it on Friday, hop on over and listen for yourself. I look forward to seeing you at our next free webinar.

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