Knook It!

The Knook, it looked like a crochet hook with a tail, and I was intrigued. This new tool from LeisureArts allows you to knit with a crochet hook. The Knook Beginner Set includes three bamboo crochet hooks in sizes G (4 mm), H (5 mm), and I (5.5 mm), three brightly colored cords, and a full-color instructions booklet complete with four beginner projects.

LeisureArts does a fabulous job with their instruction booklet. Each step, from holding the hook to the knit stitch to the purl stitch to binding off, is carefully explained and illustrated with color photographs for both right-handed and left-handed crocheters. Helpful tips are highlighted in yellow, making them easy to find. And the four patterns included are striking examples of what this new technique can do. I really love the fluffy comfort of the sunny baby blanket.

But to truly test the ability of the Knook, I decided to attempt a knitted stitch pattern from the Harmony Guides: Knit and Purl. I settled on the Knitting Pattern 1, a simple pattern using a combination of knits and purls. I am impressed!

The Knook knit and purl stitches are worked identically to their Tunisian counterparts. But unlike Tunisian crochet, you do not work a return pass. The crochet hook is pulled all of the way through the loops which are transferred to the attached cord. After turning the work, the hook is inserted in the last loop picked up, and a new stitch is worked in each loop across. Once the hook is again full of loops, the cord is pulled out of the stitches from the previous row and the process begins again.

The resulting piece looks just like knit. Although the stitches are the same as those for Tunisian, the lack of a return pass greatly decreases the thickness of the fabric, making it comparable to knitting in density and drape. When determining your hook size from a yarn ball band, I would recommend the suggested needle size as opposed to the suggested hook size as well.

LeisureArts also offers a variety of pattern books for the Knook from hats and scarves to blankets and dishcloths. And you can enter to win your own Knook beginner set. Head over to LeisureArts and check out their video tutorials and try Knooking today. I can't wait to explore what else I can do with this new crochet tool! My next adventure, Knook lace!

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