Knock Their Crochet Socks of Crochet-along

Learn How to Crochet Socks

Which crochet-along will you join, the Bon Vivant Socks or the Corset Socks?

We want to knock your crochet socks off! If first you need to crochet a pair of socks, don’t worry; we have you covered there. I’ve seen crochet socks enjoy increasing popularity as more innovative designs are applied to the design. The lace crochet socks have especially fascinated me.

Recently, the Interweave Crochet Assistant Editor, Dana Bincer, and I were discussing crocheting socks. We discovered we couldn’t agree on our favorite pattern. Rather than flip a coin to decide which design would be the subject of our next crochet-along, we decided to offer both. We’ll be sure to include tips, pictures, and how-to crochet socks blog posts to help you so don’t worry if you are new to crochet socks.

Bon Vivant Crochet SocksBon Vivant Socks CAL with Toni Rexroat

Of course, I think you should join my Bon Vivant Socks crochet-along.

The Bon Vivant Socks are perfect for traveling, and I think they will look stunning with a skirt or shorts. Just the name leaves me imagining I’m crocheting at a lovely little bistro in Paris. The closest to world travel I may get this year is a travel documentary as I crochet in the evening, but these socks will be their own souvenir of a beautiful summer. I just love the classic elegance of these socks.

The slip stitch soles are really comfortable and that pineapple motif stretching down the calf is stunning! Designer Brenda K. B. Anderson brilliantly designed these socks with a combination of short rows, lace, and ribbing to make these socks fit beautifully.

Join me for the Bon Vivant Socks Crochet-along or hop over and join Dana’s Corset Socks Crochet-along. Here she is to tell us more about it.

Corset Socks Crochet PatternCorset Socks CAL with Dana Bincer

We’re going to knock your crochet socks off…or rather…we’re inviting you to join us as we knock the crochet socks off all our friends!

Toni and I are each organizing a crochet socks CAL (crochet along). Summer is the PERFECT time to crochet socks. The projects are small, portable and wearable!

I’m making the Corset Socks designed by Brenda K.B. Anderson. If you’re following the blog, you know I have a love affair with these socks. I mean, what’s not to love? They are fun and fiesty worn with shorts and sexy and sultry paired with lingerie!

Now, some of you may be thinking that summer is not the best time to make knee high socks. I beg to differ. In fact, I have two words for you…air conditioning. I work in an office with AC which makes summer the perfect time to crochet and wear tall beautiful socks.
If these Crochet Socks are a little too steamy, I understand. I have a pretty conservative wardrobe myself. But I’m ready to branch out and try something new, something a bit edgy.

What about you? Ready to join me on a spicy little crochet adventure?

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