Knitting Looms

Do you knit, weave, spin, or latch hook? I have tried pretty much any craft that uses yarn, and if I haven’t tried it yet, just hand me some yarn and the newest tool.

BoyeLoomsI haven’t picked up a knitting loom in a few years though. I remember playing with them in gradeschool, and I remember the excitement of moving the loops over the pegs and watching the fabric grow. Thinking about it now, I’d love to try this technique again.

Actually, I should pick up a Boye Loom set for my nieces. They are the perfect age to introduce to yarn crafts. Looms are easy to use, and you can create hats, scarves, and more quickly—perfect for quick gifts and little ones with short attention spans.

Are you a fan of the knitting loom? What are your best tips and tricks for teaching younger crafters how to use them?

Share your advice and check out the Boye looms.

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